February 26, 2012


Patisserie No. 8
Laurent Duchêne
2, Rue Wurtz, 13th Arr.

I stumbled upon this place while walking to a park not too far from my apartment. The storefront had earthy, christmas colored goodies arranged in the window and thought it would be a sin not to give into the holiday spirit and buy a mini bûche de noël.

Patisserie Purchased: Bûche de Noël Marron Glacé
Cost: 480

For those who aren't hip to the cuisinier game, a bûche de noël is a spongey sheet cake that has been layered with a buttercream frosting, rolled up like a rug, and cut into pieces to shove in yo' mouf! 
And excusez-moi? Marrons glacés? Ya, those are chestnuts glazed and candied in sugar syrup. You will either love em or spit it out in the hand of the person who gave them to you. I just happen to like the heavy, gritty texture and earthy/nutty flavor of them candied. And thankfully I do, because this patisserie was jam packed with the stuff!

 These little bûches are the thicker, haute-couturer, French versions of the Twinkie. The cake casing was a tinge dry but the chestnut cream drizzled on top and and marron glacé paste filling compensated for it- leaving my mouth in a well balanced creamy chestnut nirvana. 

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